Heart Chakra Series: Yoga for the Heart


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dolphin-poseThe fourth chakra is a balancing point in the chakra column.  It integrates the lower three, more physical chakras with the upper three, more etheric chakras.  The heart chakra is at the core of our spirit.

The heart chakra resonates to the element of air – of breath.  The pranayama breathing used in yoga helps to expand, tone and balance this chakra.  Yoga poses for the heart open up this chakra, allowing it more space.

For people with deficient heart chakra energy this is exactly what they need; to open and receive love more fully.  Backbends like Bridge, Wheel and Camel pose are intense heart openers, while Sphinx and Upward-Facing Dog are slightly milder ways to open up your heart space.  Shoulder openers like Eagle, Floor Bow, Dolphin and Cow-Face Pose also expand and open the heart chakra.

People with an excessive heart chakra need more grounding postures that allow them to look inside.  Feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and co-dependancy, as well as issues of heart disease or high blood pressure all indicate an excessive heart chakra.  Forward bending poses, like Seated Forward BendBig Toe Pose, Cat Pose, Cow Pose and Child’s Pose allow for that introspection that is so important when balancing an excessive heart chakra.

It’s important to remember whether you’re opening your heart chakra or releasing some of its excess energy to incorporate some of those opposing poses to keep balance.  The heart is a very powerful, yet sensitive area – and as with everything in life you want to encourage and maintain a state of harmony within it.

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